A service minded-team

With the largest, most experienced service network in the industry, Konecranes experts are always nearby and ready to help. Our approach to service is simple—help your business achieve maximum lifecycle value for its cranes with minimum total cost of ownership. Through regular preventive maintenance and timely repairs, your cranes will be lifting your business for years to come.


Maintenance is not an expense. It is an investment that pays a measurable return. We have more than 430,000 pieces of equipment under maintenance contracts and more than 80 years of experience behind us. If you would like to keep your crane working reliably with regular preventive maintenance, please get in touch.

Spare parts

With a global spare parts network and a parts organization that is the OEM for more than 40 brands of cranes and hoists, we offer quick delivery of spare parts for any crane, anywhere. If we don’t have what you need and can’t get it through our extensive supplier network, our engineers can quickly design parts to your exact specifications. And when an original equipment manufacturer goes out of business, we can manufacture original spare parts.


Through our world-class Training Institute, we train crane operators and technicians around the globe. This training includes crane operator and safety training, emergency procedures, OSHA and ANSI regulations and other relevant information that operators need to create a more safe and productive work environment.

Lifecycle Care- Our Approach To Maintenance

Lifecycle Care results in highest lifecycle value for your lifting equipment—maximizing the productivity of uptime and minimizing the cost of downtime. Our crane experts apply a systematic Risk and Recommendation Method and a consultative, planning and review process to drive continuous improvement in safety and productivity.

1 Inspections and Preventive Maintenance identify risks and improvement opportunities and support compliance.

2 Corrective Maintenance and Retrofits address safety and productivity issues and capitalize on improvement opportunities.

3 Consultation Services guide decision making, uncover critical issues and maximize the return on investment.

4 Modernizations prolong the economic service life of equipment.

5 New equipment for new installations or replacing old equipment.

Remote Monitoring and Reporting

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting provides you with actual usage data about your cranes, available on any desktop or mobile device with Internet access. Using this data, you can improve safety, optimize maintenance and plan for future modernization of your equipment. You can also detect and fix potential faults to reduce safety risks or downtime.